Anonymous asked:

Hi. You're really cool and awesomeee, remember that. Anywho, I need some advice, if you'd be willing to give it. So you may not know how to advise me in my situation, but oh well. Here's my situation. I'm a girl, and my best friend and I, well, we're like sisters. She's always there for me when I need her. But the thing is, I think I may have feelings for her. She thinks I'm straight, and so did I. Do you have any advice? Please? I really need it. Thanks. Stay beautiful.

Hi there sweetie, well first off, do you know if she’s also interested in or curious in girls? I would say to tell her, but I wouldn’t want you to risk breaking that close friendship. Maybe first tell her about you having feelings for girls so you can slowly break it down to her. Regardless if the feeling is mutual or not, if she’s a true friend, it won’t disturb anything. If you would like, I could ask my friend about this, I’m sure she would be able to help more because she does like girls and has had to come out about it under many circumstances. I mean, not really exactly what you’re going through, but I feel like it might be better that what I have to say.. Anywho, you are who you are, and that’s amazing. I hope she also sees this within you and will accept you for what you now discovered. Stay lovely๐Ÿ˜˜